Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Brush cleaning

It finally came time for me to clean my brushes. I think I used them once or twice and then cleaned them. As you can see they're quite ewwy and full of product! haha 
I used the MAC brush cleaner and it cleaned these babies like a charm. The brush bristles went back to being a pure white/beige colour like when I first bought them :) 

Let me ask the question, 
how often do you clean your makeup brushes?
how often should you clean you makeup brushes?

P.S It's not a trick question I'm really curious to know ! 



  1. I spot clean my brushes everytime I use it.
    I think you should clean your brushes once a week.


  2. i need to get a brush cleaner, or so i heard just shampoo and luke warm water does the trick too. i was just about to ask you the same question :)


  3. I SO need to clean my brushes. They are in desperate need of it!!!
    Hope you're well lovely.

  4. Love my MAC brushes. I read somewhere it's once a month. xx


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