Sunday, January 23, 2011

Additions to my shoe collection

Sorry I wanted to take pictures with the shoes ON my feet but that was a mission and a half to get a decent picture lol I think there is one with my foot in it lol
These are some shoes I have bought over the Christmas and New Years season. I guess you could say the time period of buying all these shoes up until now would probably be from September till now :) 
One pair was a present I got for Christmas from a friend.


Photography Lighting Tip

Hello there my lovelies!

So sorry I'm not on a roll with blogging yet but I'm getting there. I've been trying to take good photos of outfits and shoes I have bought over the Christmas and New Years season ( we all know how good the sales are lol) I bought quite a bit, more than what I should of in my opinion hehe...


I wanted to write a post on a tip on photography and lighting. I was told this by my cousin, who is an established photographer. He told me that the best lighting is light you get from your TV or computer/laptop screen. It's the most flattering. So ladies... go and turn the computer on, or laptop or TV lol. I personally put my desktop wallpaper as a plain white colour and turn the flash off my camera and take photos :) or you can even open a Word Document since its all pretty much white and the light the screen gives off is really good. 

Let me know if you notice the difference in your photos! 
here are some I took in front of my Mac desktop computer with my camera & no flash :)


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Makeup & Jewellery

Recent buys...

Makeup !

Volume Million lashes

False Lash Effect

Masterpiece Max

Liquid Eyeliner...


Physicians Formula - Shimmer Strips "Brown Eyes"

Bourjois Paris - no.16 Nude

Cuff Bracelet


Shazaaam SUGAR I'm Back ! :)

Why hello there my lovelies... !

It has been quite some time since I have blogged... To be honest I didn't feel like blogging...
I've had quite a few ups and downs since I last blogged, some very unexpected ones at that. But then again, I guess 

Never be ashamed of the SCARS that LIFE has left you with. A SCAR means the hurt is over, the wound is closed, you ENDURED the pain and GOD has healed You... :)


So I think I can safely say that I have started 2011 with more maturity, more confidence and a stronger sense of self and a bigger realisation than ever before of who matters most in my life and why they do... 

Since I last blogged, I...
  • Got my navel pierced
  • Went on a Holiday to the Cook Islands (2 photos below)
  • Got Darker lol
  • Bought new clothes, shoes & makeup (pictures soon !)
  • Had a smashing Christmas and New Year ! :) 
  • oh and I realised what a great BARGAIN shopper I am hehehe ! :) evidence of this finding shall be posted soon hahaha

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year !