Monday, June 20, 2011

Hair - Inspiration

I love all these images, so inspired by the hair or hairstyle in one way or another. As for the last image, that one is just funny ! haha That is Kingsley, I'm guessing someone screen shot a video of his and its on tumblr.

All images from my Tumblr.

Spanish Moss - Wish List

I couldn't find the last three crop tops. I saw them as photographs for the header of the website, or as a top being worn for the sunglasses section of the site. 
I love them both, (first and last photograph of these crop tops are the same) pity I couldn't find them being sold on the site, maybe they're sold out.

These are my picks from the Spanish Moss site...
If only... hahaha =]

Marvins Room

I've been web "window shopping" on Spanish Moss and Solestruck this evening. Came across Jeffrey Campbell Lita Mens? Thought, thats different haha. I wasn't sure if it really is Litas for Men or just bigger sizes, due to one of the reviews/comments below on that page. 
I would love to own soo many things from Spanish Moss they have some really nice things on their site.
I'm doing all this while listening to Marvin's Room - Drake... Hence the post title :)

Click on images to be taken to the Solestruck website and Spanish Moss website. 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Emma Watson - Vogue Shoot

I love this photo shoot of Emma. Definitely been inspired by the makeup she is wearing. Dark lip and thick lashes.
All images from here
Read the article here

Friday, June 17, 2011

Conair Mirror

I recently bought a new mirror. I had read a lot about the conair mirrors and when I saw them on sale at Shaver Shop I had to get one ! I was tossing up between two of the conair mirror designs. One that both a 5 x magnification mirror and a normal mirror (two sided mirror) or just a 5 x magnification mirror. I opted for the 5 x magnification mirror on its own because it was bigger and less expensive. The double sided mirror was way too small for my liking. 

It also has a light on the rim of the mirror so you can see clearly, a stand, it's fog free and it also comes with screws if you ever decide to mount this mirror to your wall. It also has a 360 degree stand/neck movement.

 I must say it was quite a shock to the system when I first looked into the mirror because its so magnified and you can see every imperfection on your face ! You can see your pores so clearly and they look even bigger since this mirror is magnified. But all in all I'm glad I bought it. This will definitely help me when I am applying my makeup to the eye area. Such as eyeliner and false lash application. 

Classique Illuminated Beauty Mirror by Conair