Monday, March 21, 2011

Outfit Of The Night

Hey there lovelies, 
I think maybe just over a couple of weeks ago I went out to dinner with some of my friends and this is what I wore :) 
Some of you may notice the Tony Bianco Wedges I'm wearing from a previous blogpost :)

Dress: Valley Girl
Shoes: Tony Bianco
Clutch: Came as a freebie when purchasing Rihanna's new Perfume



Hello there lovelies!

I would LOVE to know what products you love from NARS or would recommend. 
I would love to make a purchase of some of their goodies but its different to see the product on the screen and then to actually try it on and use it so any recommendations would be much appreciated :)

I know one thing I must get is the blush or illuminator in 
'Orgasm' or 'Super Orgasm' :)


Wanting some Litas !

I have been drooling over these babies for a while now and I think I might be getting them sometime in the near future! :) 
They are huge shoes and look like you'd brake an ankle if you wore them BUT I have been reading reviews and people say that they are very comfy to walk in which is good ! 
BUT they do give you like 4inches of height which isn't such a good thing for me since I'm already quite tall but why pay attention to what others think? 
I love both these colours but I'd most probably buy the black pair.
Check out Fashiontoast's blogg post and you are able to see for yourself as to how 'big' these shoes are, thick heel huge platform :)

I got these images from Solestruck
anyways tell me what you think of them :) 

Black distressed leather

Nude Suede


Ring Collection

Hello there gorgeous ones!

I have been quite busy with Uni work now that I'm back, but I will hopefully be able to blogg regularly very soon, just figruing out a few things I'd like to blogg about. 
These are pretty much most of my rings, I love them! Thought I'd share them with you :)
P.S these photos were taken with my mobile, Samsung Galaxy S, since my camera battery wasn't charged lol

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Sorry some of them weren't rotated properly !