Friday, August 19, 2011

New in Handbags

I'm loving my two new handbags I got while I was on holiday in Toronto. 
The first handbag is from Coach, it's such an elegant handbag :) It reminded me of Angeline Jolie from the Tourist for some reason.
The second handbag, is from Jeffrey Campbell, I didn't know he made bags? Lol Thank goodness he does, because they're awesome ! I had my eye on this bag and another one, which was more like a backpack with tassels and fringes, but I loved this one more. 
The colours, the suede fringes and the print !

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  1. whoa love the jc bag why did i not know he made bags either?? wth lol
    thanks for visiting my blog btw :) ur comments made my day!!


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