Saturday, August 20, 2011


I can't believe I've never done a post on SPELL before. I love what they sell, their bags and shoes/sandals and accessories are amazing ! I found them a while ago, as you can see on my side bar they're under my faves. What they sell has my style written all over it ! All the images shown above are taken from their website and are all the things I've always wanted to buy from there. What I love too is that it's all real leather, there bags and shoes. Hence why I'm still in the midst of saving my $$ to buy at least one of these things ! SO if you haven't already checked out their website have a look and they also have a blog, which I have linked on the side bar of my blog, but you can also look here.
I'm definitely taking a trip up to Byron Bay this summer to check out their boutique store !
P.S Spell is an Australian based brand, woo go Aussies ! :)
P.P.S I also love their Kimonos on there site !


  1. these items are so lovely, and it's so good that its an australian brand :)

    love your blog, following you darl X

  2. I like so much the western style.

    I see these items and i don´t know which one is my favorite.

  3. love love love love love love love !

  4. i absolutely adore those shoes.
    and basically everything in this post! <3

  5. yea i've been on hiatus. lol, midlife crisis. although it isnt midlife. just a crisis i guess haha. yes im back and a little bit of a changed person. im gonna be sticking around. and thanksss a million. im in love with my tattoo tooo :)


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