Thursday, June 28, 2012

Zara Asymmetric Court Shoe alternative

BettyShoe or Zara

BettyShoe, Passion Black Suede Pump Shoes  |  Zara,  Asymmetric Court Shoes

I personally, have always loved the Zara Court Shoes. An effortlessly chic and sexy pair of black heels. Unfortunately my feet don't seem to go well with these kinds of shoes, the heel of my foot always comes out of the shoe when walking. I know what you're thinking, what about those 'non slip', 'grip your heel' stick ons? Well those only work sometimes, and unless I can try the shoes on, I don't usually take the risk in buying them, I learnt my lesson! 
Another unfortunate happening is that the Zara court shoes are no longer available, but I have found an alternative. The online shoe store, Bettyshoe, have a pair of heels that are very very similar to that of the Zara ones ! I posted the pictures side by side, so you can easily compare the two. So, if like me, you loved the Zara ones have a look at Bettyshoe, they also have these in blue.

Ankle Cuffs &Thin Heels

Ankle Cuffs & Thin Heels

Zara High Heel SandalZara Basic SandalsTony Bianco KarissaKarl Leather Wedge SandalsMango Sandals

I am in love with strappy sandal heels, go figure, just as we start to hit Winter I fall in love with a not so warm and cosy pair of shoes. I guess it's because everyone that I love reading in terms of blogs are all living in Summer where they are. Pictured above are a few that I love! I'm leaning towards the Zara pair in black, because it seems to be the most sensible option in terms of pricing. If I could have my way though, I'd also own the Karl and Mango heels. I think I'll love this type of heel for a long time, even when the trend has passed.