Wednesday, September 7, 2011

IMATS 2011, Sydney Australia

I'm so excited to go! It'll be my second year going this year. I'm looking forward to it because there will be some new stalls, Inglot will be there MAC and from what I could tell from the floor plan Illamasqua might be there too !!
I'll be there on the Sunday, I have a Uni exams on the Saturday. I know right a SATURDAY! Who does that? Totally crash my weekend haha 
I'm already planning what I'm going to wear and which stall I'm going to run to first haha I think I'll be going to the Inglot stall first, I'm hoping to get the freedom system palette. Then I'm running to MAC, I've had my eye on Vegas Volt lipstick and Cream colour base Pearl, I'll see how much they are at IMATS. Then I'll check out Illamasqua if they are there, and then for the rest of the day I'll stroll around look at everything else :)
I'll definitely be sharing my haul from IMATS with you guys, and hopefully some video footage. Last year they didn't mind us taking photos and videos so hopefully its the same this year. 
If you guys haven't seen my haul from last year you guys can check that out here.

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