Monday, September 26, 2011

IMATS Sydney 2011

This is my IMATS haul for 2011. 
I got the beauty sponge, a 20 Freedom System palette from Inglot, two Aqua eyes & one Aqua lip pencils from Makeup Forever and Ardell Demi Wispies lashes. 
I had a great time at IMATS this year, it was raining and pouring and cold but IMATS was still good ! I went on the Sunday this year and from what I've heard the Saturday was jam packed with lots of people so I'm glad I ended up going on the Sunday because most stalls were able to re-stock all the products ready for Sunday :) 
I'm so happy with my Inglot palette the colour pay off is amazing and I've realised after trying them out, that a little bit goes a looong way ! lol Which is a great thing, value for money. I think in future I'll be buying more MAC and Inglot colours. Inglot is much cheaper and I think better than MAC. With Inglot eyeshadows you get more in a pan/refill and it costs $10 each whereas MAC eyeshadows are $33 each here in Australia and is a small round pan thats probably the size of a 10cent to 20cent coin. However, I feel as though MAC might have a few colours that Inglot don't, therefore I think I'll be mixing the brands together to acquire the colours I want :) 
Makeup Forever is awesome ! I love their "aqua" range, it's their waterproof range. With me always seeming to have panda eyes at the end of the day I'm glad to know that there is a brand out their with a killer waterproof range. I'll definitely be buying more Makeup Forever products in future. Oh and they also have a great HD range! Who doesn't want to look absolutely flawless in daylight and in pictures?
All in all a great day I say :) I filmed a video on my haul from IMATS to upload to youtube, but I'm having trouble with the audio syncing in the video, it's lagging :( Hopefully I'm able to fix it and add it to this post, so stay tuned !

P.S the lady on stage in the photos is Pursebuzz from youtube, the lighting on stage was so bright the photos came up overly bright, sorry !

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