Monday, September 20, 2010

IMATS HAUL 2010, Australia

Hey Ladies !
Thanks so much for all the comments from my previous post, hopefully this post will answer some of the questions you asked :)

These are all the goodies I bought on the day !
I had an awesome day, learnt some great tips and got some great bargains. 
If you've been reading my blog for a lil while, you would of remembered that I wanted to get brushes and something similar to the coastal scents palette and I did !
I definately recommend going to IMATS, and for those of you who aren't in Australia I bet your IMATS would be even better because you have even more makeup brands than we do. The makeup industry isn't that big here, not many people went, was good for me, shorter queues! lol 
There weren't many stalls either, as soon as I walked through the doors I went around to every stall to see what they were selling and prices, I think I saw everything within 15min, I thought it would at least take me an hour! As I said not many stalls. It should only get better from here as it was only IMATS second year in Australia:) 

A lot of women were walking around with their suitcases ! I was in shock I was thinking WOW you really did come prepared lol I don't blame them though, the companies that sell their products on the day usually drop their price quite low for IMATS especially so it's good to go, no need to pay full price or shipping and you can stock up on some much needed products.
It was either that or they were a long way from home and brought their luggage with lol

All in all I recommend going its worth it!

Tips for IMATS:
  • Check out the IMATS website before going, to see the exhibitor list. Check out their websites and see if you like anything from there and take note of the price and the product itself. (good for price comparison against other stalls)
  • Then check the floor plan so you have an idea of where everything might be.
  • Keep researching your products. I know that if I didn't research beforehand I would of missed out on some good products that were cheaper than usual because I wasn't aware of the product and what it was used for. Such as Model in a bottle, no one really knows about it, and it was there on the day, you don't wanna look back and think "Oh I could of bought it at IMATS, I didn't know". 
  • I saw some girls walking around with a piece of paper in their hand, they wrote the stall name, e.g. Crown Brushes. Then wrote what they wanted from there, they looked at the website and saw what they wanted and wrote it down. As a guide for the day. I think its a good idea, so you don't forget to buy anything.
  • Save Save Save your $$

  • and most importantly GET THERE EARLY! You don't wanna miss out because they've sold out. 
Okay enough talk, check out what I got !

88 Palette Neutral
88 Palette Matte 
Model in a Bottle 

Okay you're probably thinking one of two things, 
1. Eewww fake blood what does she need that for?
2. Cool fake blood it looks so real! what does she need that for?
well my bother has a costume party coming up and I'm hoping to do his makeup and turn him into a ZOMBIE! 
I'll be sure to blog some photos and video it on youtube as well!

Kabuki Brush

17pc Brush Set - Royal & Langnickel

I'm hoping to do a youtube video on my whole IMATS experience, what I bought, what I thought and little tips if I have enough time, since it was only the 2nd year in Australia. What do you guys think?

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  1. Yay!!! This post made me so excited for IMATS in Toronto. I will so have my little piece of paper with all the names of the products I want and where I can find them (I tend to be over organzied...ask my family).
    Glad you had fun and got a lot of really great stuff

    If you haven't checked it out already, I just posted a big giveaway. (9 MAC products, an Urban Decay Naked Palette and a cute makeup bag).


  2. I'm glad you liked the post!
    Aww have fun at IMATS Toronto..
    Ooh yeah I've checked your giveaway I'll start entering, hopefully I can enter all the ways you wrote :)



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