Tuesday, September 21, 2010

First youtube Video

Guess what guys....

I made my first Youtube video !!
Hopefully the first of many :)
I made it about IMATS, since there aren't many on IMATS Australia, check it out tell me what you guys think!

P.S. I was so nervous hahaha

Charmingly Unique


  1. Hey,
    Im glad you enjoyed IMATS.I did really frequent updates throughout the whole trip on my youtube www.youtube.com/jordysbeautyspot
    Yours was very entertaining to watch and your going to do great on youtube!!
    I love that more Australians are getting involved with youtube.

    I usually buy my OPI from either David Jones or whatever nail salon i get my nails done at.
    There are websites but i find they charge too much for shipping. However, you can get some good deals on ebay at times.

  2. LOVED your video! ha, good job! :)
    im thinking about making a youtube channel too, should i?

  3. Yeah definately!! One of my main reasons for starting my channel was because there aren't many here in Australia and not many gurus with my skin tone, so for those ladies out there that are in Aus and have darker skin thought I'd help em out with what I've learnt :)
    Do it! I'll be your first subscriber ;)


  4. Girl, you don't need to be nervous! Anyway I'm sure u'll be more relaxed each time u make the video! I love the intro:)

    I also think of making vids, but somehow can't put myself together and do it. So thumbs up :D

    By the way, I just subbed ;)



  5. hey girl! so i uploaded my first video haha, so now you can be my first subscriber :))


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