Thursday, September 9, 2010

Dare to Wear Challenge

"I dare you to wear this look from the 2009 Dior Haute Couture show during Paris's Fashion Week"

I took Funnyfacebeauty's dare to wear challenge...

My "attempt" to recreate this look.
Note: Eyeliner isn't even lol & I wish my eyeshadow was more pigmented ! but not to worry IMATS soon :)

:s eyeliner on the left eye!

No hater comments please I'm still learning !! :)

Charmingly Unique


  1. Whoa, that's intense! I like the eyeliner wings the most.

  2. I tried this look too! Nice!

    Check out my blog!

  3. wow i love it^0^! i checked to see all the pictures who tried the challenge.

    Btw, here is mine please check too

  4. Hey Great Blog!
    I just followed you! Could you follow me please :) x

  5. i LOVE this! and i need to know where you bought the amazing gold and silver eyeshadow! they wouldn't happen to be the new by Terry gitter shadows by any chance? ive been looking at them and pondering whether to expensive haha
    anyways, if not then these are pretty good dupes. i need to get my hands on them
    and u are officially followed!! xx

  6. @ Shasha Van der Pendersen
    Thanks soo much! haha it's actually green! lol Next time i'll take some pics in natural light rather than flash maybe it won't water out the colour so much! the colours I used were from the Urban Decay Ammo Palette. Family got it for me when they went over to the states :)
    The silver/white colour is Polyester Bride
    The green colour is Mildew
    I guess the colours aren't that strong cos I didn't pack the eyeshadow on, I was very light handed when applying it.
    I'll try and do a post on the palette so you can see the colours.
    Thanks so much for following !!

  7. Hey

    So sorry I missed commenting on this picture. It is amazing! I love that you used a different colour for the eye it makes it much more wearable. I think you did an amazing job especially with the eyeliner. I am posting everyone's pics tomorrow on my blog and I will link your site.
    If you get a chance before then can you send me your first name so I can add it to the post?
    Thanks so much for doing this. Hope you will take my next challenge too.


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