Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Night walkers and Contour

I recently made a purchase off MAC cosmetics online. I had seen a new collection come out called "Face and Body". Within the collection was a product called, Pro Sculpting Creme. It was a contouring product used on the face. I have had my eye on the Tom Ford contour and highlight duo, but it isn't  easily available in Australia. So when I saw that MAC was offering something similar I jumped on it. I bought the Pro Sculpting Creme in the colour Copper Beech. I am in the shade NC45 when I'm a bit darker, right now they colour match me at NW35, but its way too light for my liking, so I'm using C6 in  the Face and Body foundation because it matches me perfectly. I also bought the brush that was available in the collection, the 163. Its a long, flat top brush. I have used the Pro Sculpting Creme numerous times now and love it ! its the perfect shade to use as a contour on my skin, its easily blend-able and is quite pigmented. 
I also bought a new blush, called Modern Mandarin. It's a bright orange, with a satin finish. It is SO pigmented, I only apply a small amount. I love oranges and peachy tones for blush on my skin tone, so when I saw this bright orange I had to give it a try. 
It's Spring here in Australia and the weather is already starting to warm up. I'm sure it's going to be a long hot summer this year, I think this blush will look even better on my skin when I'm a little bit darker!

As you can tell in the photos I also made a purchase off Solestruck.com. I LOVE that website. Both pairs of shoes were greatly reduced !! Their sales are great, the quality of the shoes are amazing and you save so much ! I bought a pair of flat, loafers by Sam Edelman, with a black snake skin finish. They are a very narrow make, luckily for me, my feet are quite narrow so they fit like a glove. The sole of the shoe is so padded its like walking on marshmallows ! Perfect for work everyday and casual nights out.
I also got my hands on some Night Walkers, by Jeffrey Campbell. They were reduced to just over $90!! They are usually priced at just under $200. I wanted a black pair or cream/beige but they were still full price or sold out. They are a suede baby pink pair, and are surprisingly comfortable to walk in. I wore them for the first time to a friends 21st party. At first I felt like I was going to fall over, especially when standing still. I had to hold onto someone ! After a while I got used to it. I was on my feet the whole night and let me tell you these are more comfortable than most of the heels I own.

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