Saturday, August 18, 2012

Heels x 5

This year the tables have turned, it has been a year of shoes for me. It's usually clothes clothes clothes and more clothes. I guess they were on sale more ! Haha and whats bad about my high liking of shoes this year is that I bought mostly heels, I'm tall as it is!
The photos above are of shoes I've bought this year so far. The first two pairs are Cheap Mondays, and the third are Jeffrey Campbells. All of them were bought from Soletruck on sale :) Yay for sales ! 
The fourth and fifth pair of shoes were bought from Wittner, in store. I originally fell in love with the Giraffe printed booties, I've been wanting a pair for ages after seeing someone in the street wearing them. Unfortunately they weren't exactly what I wanted, the ones I saw were a caramel brown, more like a real giraffe, but I love them none the less. As for the other pair of heels, well, I got them for free because the first pair of shoes was over $100, bargain ! 

P.S. I forgot to include a pair of shoes that I bought a couple of weeks ago. They're mint green ! Will add to my next post. 


  1. i want them all!

    *shakes fist at my ridiculous shoe addiction*

  2. Great shoe haul!

    - Anna x



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