Monday, April 30, 2012

Pixie Pants by J.Crew

Recently bought a pair of these cool pants ! They're called "Pixie Pants" by J.Crew. Most people say they are very comfortable. The style is a mix between tights/leggings and pants, a very 'figure hugging' fit. Fits likes leggings, looks like pants I guess you could say. J.Crew just started shipping internationally so I thought I'd take advantage of the free worldwide shipping while it lasted and get my hands on this, just in time for the cooler weather thats starting to creep in. I love tights because they shape your body so well and are comfortable. I'm glad I found a more chic alternative, for the more classier outfits I'll be wearing this winter !

All images from J.Crew website


  1. What size did you get? I've heard that they run small in sizes so you have to get one size smaller than usual.. did you find that?
    Great blog btw! xx

    1. I havent received them in the mail yet. When I do, I'll do an outfit post and talk about the fit and sizing :) Hopefully I chose the right size, its so hard when shopping online !

  2. i just saw "free international shipping" and thought i'd check out the site...and everything is sooooooooooo out of my budget. see ya.

    like the pants though!


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