Sunday, July 31, 2011

Travels + Hauls

Hello there bloggerinos !

I recently came back from a holiday to New York and Canada ! Weather was great over there, as its summer there now. New York was great but not as great as I'd hoped. There were a few things that turned me off about the place like firstly JFK airport, I don't know why some people work there if they don't like dealing with people all day everyday. Some people that worked there were just rude and didn't want to help anyone at all. Some streets smelt really bad, I literally felt like throwing up, and I don't think many people care about customer service because it felt like it didn't exist in some stores lol. But all in all, if I had the opportunity to go back on holiday to New York, I would, I would just make sure I go with people who can help me shrug off things that might bust my bubble :)

Canada was amazing, totally different to New York. They have a lot of outlet stores in Canada, Toronto to be exact. Lots and lots of malls and a lot of well known brands, Michael Kors, Victorias secret, H&M, Forever 21 all under the one roof ! We don't have these brands in Australia so I was jumping for joy !
With that being said, I have a huge haul from NY and Canada! A lot of makeup products, not so many clothes, as the items I liked were still pricey over there. Ill do another post on other things I bought but for now this is mainly the makeup :) 

P.S. I've been saving up for this trip for aaaaages, I literally saved every penny I earned. I also did heaps of research before I went, via the net so I knew if it would be worth buying overseas or not. 

Babyliss Pro Curling Irons 

Russian Red & Freckletone

Blushes & Eyeshadows

Sketch (didn't fit in the palette)

This maqsue is amazing !



  1. first of all THANKS! it is always good to hear someone else is liking your style.

    and just keep practicing with your camera and editing. i use photoshop and sometimes tutorials will give you that one push.

    bout the sandals, i can't take credit for those they are my friends. plus i would not wear them since they are not my style. the all stars, those were mine.

    again, thanks so much for the compliments and comments!


  2. All of these are such great buys! I so want Hershey's chocolate right now. mmmmm.
    I've also tried the Mint Julep Masque. It works really good.


  3. Great MAC haul....
    lol @ the smell of NYC... after living here for so long you totally get used to it!

    Practically Coffee

  4. i must admit im very jealous of those mac items :))


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