Friday, July 15, 2011

Newbies !

Here are some new additions to my beauty collection. Haven't been able to take individual photos of each product just yet, but I will in future. Along with why I bought them and what I think of the products :)

Thought I'd give ya'll a sneak peak ;)



  1. Lots of awesome goodies! :) Can't wait to see! Enjoy! XX

  2. i love NARS :) and that NAKED palette is so awesome!

  3. Thankyou Ladies :) ! it felt so good to be able to splurge on some goodies I've been wanting for ages :D

  4. talk about a haul and a half! you will LOVE the naked palette :)

  5. I love Urban Decay's Naked. I got two of them I loved it so much. You got a new follower :)
    I would like to also invite you to participate in my Hold Me Traveling Vanity beauty Case Giveaway. There is a video on my blog where you can view the prize. Hope to see you soon and thanks! XOXO

  6. oohhh, so many good products! I want to try NARS. Every one says it's good quality makeup. :D

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. Yours is darling! ;]



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