Sunday, January 23, 2011

Photography Lighting Tip

Hello there my lovelies!

So sorry I'm not on a roll with blogging yet but I'm getting there. I've been trying to take good photos of outfits and shoes I have bought over the Christmas and New Years season ( we all know how good the sales are lol) I bought quite a bit, more than what I should of in my opinion hehe...


I wanted to write a post on a tip on photography and lighting. I was told this by my cousin, who is an established photographer. He told me that the best lighting is light you get from your TV or computer/laptop screen. It's the most flattering. So ladies... go and turn the computer on, or laptop or TV lol. I personally put my desktop wallpaper as a plain white colour and turn the flash off my camera and take photos :) or you can even open a Word Document since its all pretty much white and the light the screen gives off is really good. 

Let me know if you notice the difference in your photos! 
here are some I took in front of my Mac desktop computer with my camera & no flash :)


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  1. you got a beautiful smile, girl! :)


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