Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ankle Cuffs &Thin Heels

Ankle Cuffs & Thin Heels

Zara High Heel SandalZara Basic SandalsTony Bianco KarissaKarl Leather Wedge SandalsMango Sandals

I am in love with strappy sandal heels, go figure, just as we start to hit Winter I fall in love with a not so warm and cosy pair of shoes. I guess it's because everyone that I love reading in terms of blogs are all living in Summer where they are. Pictured above are a few that I love! I'm leaning towards the Zara pair in black, because it seems to be the most sensible option in terms of pricing. If I could have my way though, I'd also own the Karl and Mango heels. I think I'll love this type of heel for a long time, even when the trend has passed. 

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