Sunday, March 4, 2012

Loving lashes

I practiced putting these Demi Wispy Lashes on by Ardell the other day. I love how they look on. I think they're quite full but still 'kind of' natural :) Whats even better is that the lash band is clear so it makes them even more wearable on their own. Can't wait to wear these out and about. 
Mind you, I have had the opportunity to, but since I take so long to put them on (I'm still new and still practicing the technique of applying false lashes) I end up not wearing them haha If they were the first thing to apply when it comes to doing my makeup then maybe I would of by now, but since they're the last thing I apply, they always get left out. 


  1. So gorgeous! I love your hair too!

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  2. You applied them really well lovely! And you look beautiful :-)

    The Sydney Girl

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