Friday, October 14, 2011

Sneak Peak Dresses

So I thought I'd give you guys a sneak peak of the dresses I bought recently. As you can tell by my last image the weather isn't great, no sunshine. So I haven't been able to take photos of myself wearing them outside (which is what I would like to do) so until the weather warms up a bit I thought I'd take a few shots of them on their hangers. The white cheesecloth maxi dress is from Asos, and the Aqua/green Dipped Midi Dress with Cut Out Neck is also from Asos.  
The lavender/purple asymmetrical maxi dress is from inlovewithfashion or LOVE. 
Can't wait to show you guys what they look like on !
P.S. the Asos dresses were sale items.


  1. oh my hooly dooly, these dresses are so beautiful, I really love them all :D and seriously on sale in ASOS? I gotta check it out. In a non creepy way I can already imagine you wearing them and you're gonna look so gorgeous as you already are ♥


  2. Nice dresses!

  3. these dresses are so nice, i love the color of the purple one!


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