Friday, June 17, 2011

Conair Mirror

I recently bought a new mirror. I had read a lot about the conair mirrors and when I saw them on sale at Shaver Shop I had to get one ! I was tossing up between two of the conair mirror designs. One that both a 5 x magnification mirror and a normal mirror (two sided mirror) or just a 5 x magnification mirror. I opted for the 5 x magnification mirror on its own because it was bigger and less expensive. The double sided mirror was way too small for my liking. 

It also has a light on the rim of the mirror so you can see clearly, a stand, it's fog free and it also comes with screws if you ever decide to mount this mirror to your wall. It also has a 360 degree stand/neck movement.

 I must say it was quite a shock to the system when I first looked into the mirror because its so magnified and you can see every imperfection on your face ! You can see your pores so clearly and they look even bigger since this mirror is magnified. But all in all I'm glad I bought it. This will definitely help me when I am applying my makeup to the eye area. Such as eyeliner and false lash application. 

Classique Illuminated Beauty Mirror by Conair


  1. I've been wanting to get a mirror for a long time but I do my makeup on the floor ;P How much was this and how tall is it?

  2. Hey Cindy !

    hahaha you're not the only one I do that sometimes too ! :)

    It cost me AUD$39.95 and I straightened the neck part so it was vertically straight and measured it to be approx 30cm from base to the tip of the rim of the mirror. Which is I think converts to 12inches? lol sorry if I''m wrong.
    Hope that helps ! :)

  3. Great purchase, and only $39.95 - I love how it looks with the light on, very chic.. May need to take a trip to my nearest Shaver Shop :)


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